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About The Studio

After years developing backend solutions in my actual company I tried to change my career and start developing for iOS platform.

In my company there were not that opportunity, and instead of forget it y decide to start a personal project with a main goal

Learn Objective-C and upload an app to the App Store in one year.

Armed with a book, reading articles, and following great iOS developers I reached my goal in a few months.

After that I continue with my hobby and a few apps followed the first one.

Today I migrate from Objective-C to Swift, develop a couple of macOS apps, one watchOS plus the iOS apps and achieve 2nd position at Madrid MobilityLabs Hackaton 2016

The Apps

Because design & develop apps is funny...

This is a little tagline. No more than two lines.

Media Said...

Below you will find links to reviews that media like Lifehacker o Mac Stores dedicated to some the apps designed and developed at the studio.

Mac Sources - Tomates Review
The App Date - Mad@Bus Review (antes waaait)


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